The "GRIDZ" label was developed and adopted in 2011 by John McGrath of Silver Rainbow Company and Graham Rouse of Rouse International / Rouse Technologies. They used "GRIDZ"  for the stiff, Brazilian import from TDB and the matching, flexible square grids from Rouse.

  • The stiff grids were called "Gridz Snap Paks"
  • The flexible grids were called "Gridz Soft Paks"

During the cooperative venture between McGrath and Rouse, Snap Pak users enjoyed the same privileges to use proprietary RouseAPPS™ technologies as Rouse products users.

Pioneer Balloon Company declined a similar licensing agreement when they took over distribution of the TDB company imports.

A separate license is required to use RouseAPPS™ with PBC Gridz, with the new, stiff, Rouse DIY GRIDZ and with all other balloon grids than official Rouse Matrix™ (RMS™), flexible, Expand-And-Load™ BalloonGrids™.

PBC Gridz users, DIY GRIDZ™ users   (and all others)   

  1. May secure a license to use RouseAPPS™ techniques with any and all balloon grids
  2. Receive professional support  for these advanced techniques
through Ballooniverse Mall