Custom Matrix

Custom Matrix is Rouse Matrix™ in flexible, expand-and-load panels designed to meet customer specified needs for balloon decorations.


of customer expectations and your competition with Custom Matrix designed just for you.

We show a dozen examples of custom designed Rouse Matrix™ in the animation above.

Contact Graham Rouse directly for a quote at or call 864-654-4166.

Prices vary depending upon the size, complexity and delivery date required.

A rule of thumb would be:

  • $99.00 for the initial design
  • Plus the price of production = about the same cost as the Matrix you would need to cut out your own custom shape (only we will cut it out for you).
  • Plus shipping, handling and insurance - about the same as if you ordered the Matrix to cut out your own



(1) FIRST, review the example in the article below.

(2) THEN, give us a call at 864-654-4166  for a free  consultation (up to ten minutes) to discuss the particulars of your project.

Our mission is to advance  "Your Success MadeWithBalloons™".


LOGO MadeWithBalloons™ -
IT'S EASY AS (1), (2), (3)

Article republished here with permission from


logo for "Rouseings," blogThe basic process for producing a custom shaped logo MadeWithBalloons™ is simple.

(1) Sketch It
(2) Load It
(3) Trim It 

Some logos are certainly more complex and difficult to produce than others, but the basic process is straightforward. You can see that in our example today shared with us by Jill Shortreed from the Charleston Balloon Company.

The Charleston Balloon Company does some fine balloon decorating from Charleston South Carolina, USA. Visit them at .

This project was published in Pioneer Balloon Company's  Balloon IMAGES magazine. We would love to see you have equal success.




The first step is to sketch a balloon layout based on the original logo.  The Philadelphia Flyers logo is shown below. The Charleston Balloon Company sketch follows.

In this case Jill worked to keep the design within the borders of four of the Rouse Matrix™ Banner panels.  Each panel is about 3' by 3'.  This design gives her a finished logo about 6' wide and 5' tall.

You can download the same RMS™ Banner graph paper to plan designs of your own. If you decide to build your design, you may order the RMS™ Banners online


(2)  LOAD IT

The second step is to load balloons into the frame in the same pattern as your layout.

Stretch open the RMS balloon frames & load balloons according to your layout.

Currently, the most common (SIMPLE) way of loading balloons is to tie balloons in pairs and to load each balloon of a pair into an adjacent opening as illustrated in the animation above.

Also, check out the EASY, STRONG, and FAST techniques taught in this series of short videos: INTRO TO RMS™ & APPS™.


(3)  TRIM  IT

Trim off Matrix straps outside of sections touching balloons.

The third step
is to trim off the excess Matrix around the balloons that form your design. Just be sure to protect the portions of the Matrix that touch and immediately surround the balloons. You can do your cutting with standard scissors.

If you should cut one of the straps in the wrong place, you can make repairs:  
(1) Place the cut ends back together.
(2) Use a standard office stapler to staple twice across the joint.
(3) Make sure the ends of the staples curl under and in toward each other.
(4) This should hold without popping balloons, but you may wrap the stapled joint in clear tape for extra protection and a smoother finish.



(1) Sketch a simple (to begin with) design onto the honeycomb graph paper. Download  RMS™ Banner graph paper to plan your designs.
(2) Load balloons into RMS Banner balloon grid frames according to your design. Get your Banners online.

(3) Trim away the excess framing. You have your first custom shape MadeWithBalloons™. I hope you enjoy it, impress your friends and then go out and sell lots of custom shapes MadeWithBalloons™
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