World's Best Canvas
For Your Balloon Imagination™

Rouse Matrix™ earned that tag line from the combination of 

  • (1) The Qualities of RMS™ frameworks themselves

  • (2) The Power of RouseAPPS™ exclusive technologies

(1) Rouse Matrix™ (RMS™) BalloonGrids™ 

  • They are built on an "overlapping cut, expandable matrix system" invented and patented by Graham Rouse.
  • They are available in more sizes, shapes and grid patterns than all other professional balloon grid systems combined.
  • They are exceptionally compact, light weight, cost efficient, flexible and versatile.
  • They may be easily connected by hand to make displays as large as you like.
  • They may be cut with standard scissors into custom shapes by the end user.

(2) RouseAPPS™  (Applications of Rouse Original Technologies)

  • RouseAPPS™ are the world's most advanced, proprietary techniques for using balloons and grids together.
  • RouseAPPS™ are documented in two patents with dozens of basic techniques and thousands of potential combinations and applications.
  • RouseAPPS™ are licensed exclusively for use with official Rouse Matrix™ products at no separate charge. Separate licensing is available for a fee to use RouseAPPS™ with other grids.

    The introductory video below focuses on four of the most basic and widely applicable RouseAPPS™ techniques .

    This introduction features RMS™ Banner balloon grids, but the basic techniques are the same as would be used with other balloon grids.


    If you are interested in using RouseAPPS™ techniques with balloons and grids other than RMS™ contact me directly for a license:  Graham Rouse at