You can build balloon walls, backdrops, banners, logos and other graphics #MadeWithBalloons and balloon grids faster than ever before.  Just use Rouse-Expand-And -Load™ (REAL™) #BalloonGrids with the #RouseAPPS™ "FAST" technique demonstrated below.

Tie Double-Ended Balloons (Like Quick Link Balloons™ or Link-O-Loons™) into strings and load the balloons into a series of adjacent openings in #RouseMATRIX™.  

Most balloon decorators catch on quickly and achieve balloon loading speeds of 2 times to 4 times faster than their prior speed when they were loading single balloons into grid openings.

With more practice, you can expect to get faster and faster.

This "Speed Graphics" technique, along with many other RouseAPPS™ techniques work very well with other balloon grids and make those grids significantly more productive. RouseAPPS, however, are patented for use exclusively with REAL™ balloon grids.

If you are interested in using RouseAPPS with other grids, contact me (Graham Rouse) directly ( for a license.

Below are a demonstration and a few tips on using this technique in the construction of an American (USA) flag.



First-time students give it a try in the video below. They did very well. It is very likely that you will do well also.


Not only is this a very fast way to load balloons, but balloons may be unloaded especially quickly as well.  The "roll out" method demonstrated by the students in the video below is both faster and safer than popping balloons with a sharp object while the balloons are still inside the grids.

  • You do not risk cutting the grids or yourself.
  • You do not have to manually untangle the popped balloons from the grids.
  • You do not have to pick up all those loose pieces of popped balloons from the floor.

Once you roll out a string of balloons, take it to a large trash container and pop the balloons inside the container. It is cleaner, easier and faster that way.


Start using what you have learned. Get some RMS Banners like those in the first two videos above or RMS Builders like those in the second two videos above and practice.

Be sure to review the video at the bottom of our homepage ( for additional instructions that you will find valuable.

Give me (Graham Rouse) a phone call directly (864-654-4166) if you have questions along the way. 

And, do send pictures ( of what you build. We would love to see them and share them with others online.

    Your Host and Author for Ballooniverse Blog

PS: Here is a video of the current world record


Make Your Own Record - And Beat It!

I would love to see a bunch of you beat that record, but, more importantly, I would love to see you set and beat your own record.

Share videos of you loading balloons with this RouseAPPS™ FAST technique. Send several videos to show off your skill as you get better.

Send to me at 

Maybe, I will even show you some of my "less successful" attempts. 

It will be fun, and we can pick up some tips and tricks from each other on what works best to get better and better.